Welcome to St. Edward the Confessor Religious Education
Welcome to St. Edward the Confessor Religious Education
First Communion Information

Communion Dates:  Parents will receive the date/time of their child's First Communion at the First Communion Parent Meeting in October.  Parents may change the date by requesting the change in writing.  Email abraun@st-edwards.org.  You will receive a confirmation of the change in a return email.


Rehearsals:  Rehearsals take place in the Church and should last approximately one and one quarter hours.  A parent/guardian must stay with the child for the entire session.


Dress Code:  Boys wear suits or dress slacks with blazer, tie and dress shoes.  Girls wear white dresses and dress shoes.  Veils are optional


Time of Arrival:  Children receiving First Communion should arrive thirty minutes before the assigned time so that we may line them up for the procession.  Upon arrival, please drop off child(ren) in the Holy Family Room.


Reception of Eucharist:  We instruct the children to receive the Eucharist in the palm of their hand.  They learn that by cupping their hands, they create a throne in which to place the Lord.  We tell them to place the hand they eat with underneath the other hand and to use the eating hand to place the Eucharist in the mouth.  Children will practice with unconsecrated wafers, so they become familiar with the taste and texture.  If you want your child to receive the Eucharist on his or her tongue, please call Mrs. Rosemary Pettei at the office (516-921-8543) so that we may give appropriate instruction to your child.


When it's time for the children to receive Communion, the Priest will ask them to rise and step out into the aisles.  Two children at a time will approach the bottom step of the Sanctuary.  One child at a time will go to the top step to receive Communion.  This will enable parents to get a nice view of their child receiving Communion.  After the child receives, he or she will return to the pew, but on the opposite end.  Once all of the First Communicants receive, the parents will be invited to do so.  As the family leaves the pew to receive, the child will be able to move down the row to his or her original seat.


Because the children receive the host in their bare hands, First Communicants may not carry anything nor can girls wear gloves.


Seating:  Each family is assigned one pew (except in the case of multiple siblings receiving).  Each pew accommodates ten people.  The First Communicant must sit on the center aisle.  Pews are assigned as follows:  Even years are Z to A and odd years are A to Z (based on the child's last name).  Please advise our office if you have any attending who must use a wheelchair.  We will make special accommodations


Readers:  If any parent or catechist would like to assist us as a Reader for one of the First Communion liturgies, please call Mrs. Rosemary Pettei.


Relatives who are Priests, Deacons, EMs, Altar Servers:  Please call Mrs. Rosemary Pettei  if you have any such family members who would like to assist at our Eucharistic Liturgies.


Gift Bearers:  ALL of the First Communicants will help set the altar table and present the gifts for our Eucharistic celebration.  It is most important that the First Communicant and a parent attend the rehearsal so that the child can practice his or her assigned role in preparing the altar.


Banners:  Please refer to the instructions and suggestions in the First Communion Banner Kit.  The child's FIRST name goes on the banner.  Bring the banner to Church on the child's Communion day and hang it on the end of the pew.


Photography:  We do not allow ANY photographs to be taken during the Mass (this includes cell phone photography).  We have a professional photographer take individual and group shots at no cost.  Photos will be posted on the photographer's web site:  www.photographybyjosephinerose.com after Saturday, May 13th. All photos are available free of charge for download and print.  For details, click on the following link to download the flyer for Josephine Rose Photography:  Forms to Print.  Scroll down to the bottom.  DVDs are available on order from our Videographer, James Doukas Productions.  An order form will be emailed to parents.  To download and print a DVD order form, click on the following link and scroll to the bottom:  Forms to Print.  You may take as many photos as you wish, inside or out of the Church, before the ceremony starts or after it is over.


Photo Board:  We ask that each child submit a small photo (wallet-size) for our First Communion Display Board.  We place the Display Board in the Church Lobby, so that the children can see their pictures when they enter the Church As soon as posssible, please submit a wallet-size photo to the child's teacher or drop it off in the Religious Education Office. 


Communion Fee:  There is a $50 fee per child to help cover the costs associated with the First Communions.  We ask that this fee be paid by the end of March.


Reverence:  Please encourage family members and friends to save conversation for outside.


God's Blessings as our

First Communicants and their families

prepare for this very special day!