Welcome to St. Edward the Confessor Religious Education
Welcome to St. Edward the Confessor Religious Education

The Confirmation Program 2020-2021



St. Ignatius Press Faith and Life Catechetical Series.  All work and assessments to be done in on-line "textbook."  There are no printed textbooks.



Students are expected to complete one lesson per week, whatever day/time of the week that is good for the family.  The lesson schedule is available on this web site's calendar:  Click the following link to go to the Calendar:  2020-2021 Calendar

Getting Started


Each student receives a "Login Email" from My Catholic Faith Delivered.  If you have not received this email, please contact Mrs. Ann Braun (abraun@st-edwards.org).  She will re-send the Login Email.



Each student is assigned to a Catechist who will keep track of lessons completed, assessments and unit tests.

Parent's Role


The program provides for parents a one-page Family Guide for each weekly lesson that will give parents the tools needed to work with their child:  Lesson Focus, Summary and Review, Suggestions for Discussion, How to apply the lesson to life, and a begining and ending prayer.

Lessons and Confirmation Project Workbooks


Grade 7 has thirty-one lessons to complete.  This year, Grade 7 will not be asked to complete a Confirmation Project Workbook.  Grade 8 has twenty-six lessons to complete.  In addition to the lessons, Grade 8 students will be assigned a Confirmation Project Workbook (five projects).  Emails will be sent out when the projects are posted on our web site.  Email all completed projects to the Director, Mrs. Calabrese (mcalabrese@st-edwards.org) by the due date.

Help for Parents with My Catholic Faith Delivered


Watch "Walk thru for Parents" Webinar:


In-Person Classes


If it is deemed safe, occasional, in-person, special classes will be scheduled in the new year to provide for the community aspect of our faith.