Welcome to St. Edward the Confessor Religious Education
Welcome to St. Edward the Confessor Religious Education

Rules for Grades 7 and 8

PUNCTUALITY:  Monday classes begin promptly at 6:30 PM.  Sunday classes begin promptly at 10:30 AM.  All efforts must be made to be on time for class sessions.  For more information, including instructions for early dismissal, go to Arrival/Dismissal Procedures on this web site.

SNACKS:  No food or drinks, except water, are allowed in class.  There are some events that include food and drink (for example, Pasta Nights).  If your child has food allergies, please inform the Catechist and Religious Education Office.

CELL PHONES:  Students are not to use their cell phones in class.  Cell phones should be put on "mute" and turned face down on the desk during class time.  If there is an emergency and you need to contact your child, kindly call the Religious Education Office at 516-921-8543.  We will deliver the message to your chid.

PREPARATION FOR CLASS:  Students need to bring their religion textbook and a pen or pencil to class.  There is a replacement fee of $20 for lost textbooks.

TEXTBOOKS:  The Chosen textbooks are used for two years (grades 7 and 8).  Please have your child store the textbook in a safe place at the end of grade 7.  He or she will need to bring the same textbook to the first day of class for grade 8.

CONDUCT:  Students are expected to be prepared and ready to learn by behaving appropriately in the classroom and the Church by not causing disruptions.  Students need to treat adults, peers and Church property with respect and Christian charity.  Bullying and disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated in our program.  Please remind your child not to touch, mark or write on anything in the classroom.  During the times when we are in Church, we are in a holy and sacred place.  Students are expected to act reverently (boys, no hats or hoods).

BATHROOM:  Please have your child use the bathroom before arriving for class.  If your child has a physical condition that may require multiple trips to the bathroom, please inform the Catechist or Director.

ATTENDANCE:  Students are required to attend class regularly.  If your child has a legitimate reason for not attending a class, report the absence to the office either via an email (abraun@st-edwards.org) or a telephone call (516-921-8543).  Your child will be responsible to complete the lesson covered in class.  Lesson information is available on our 2019-2020 Calendar.   You may also download and print a Sunday or Monday Lessons and Activity Schedule from Class Schedules on this web site.

CLASS CANCELLATIONS:  Inclement weather closings will be announced in three ways:  News12's "Closings and Delays," a text-message to parents subscribed to our text message service, and emails.

PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT:  Parents are invited and encouraged to review lessons and activities in the workbook with their children.  Attending Mass weekly is an important part of the preparation for Confirmation.  Your enthusiasm for the faith will serve as a strong witness to your child.  Please do not hesitate to call or email if you have a question.  We always look forward to hearing from you.



Grade 7 and 8 Confirmaton Program
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