Welcome to St. Edward the Confessor Religious Education
Welcome to St. Edward the Confessor Religious Education

***First Reconciliation Parent Meetings took place on Thursday, January 26.  If you were unable to attend this meeting, the information is provided here on this web site or you may stop into the office to pick up the printed hand-outs.***

Saturday, March 4, 2017

First Reconciliations


Second graders in the following classes will receive at 11:00 AM:

          St. Edward the Confessor School (Mrs. Maureen Carroll)

          Sunday, Room 103 (Dr. Jennifer Palaganas, Mrs. Susan Seripiero, Ms. Francesca DeGeronimo)

          Sunday, Room 107 (Mrs. Patricia Meehan, Ms. Nicole Pardee, Ms. Valerie Kong)

          Thursday, Room 103 (Mr. Daniel Castles, Mr. John Murphy, Mrs. Olivia Rampi)

          Thursday, Room 104 (Mr. Nicholas Daly, Mr. Eddie McDonnell)


Second graders in the following classes will receive at 1:30 PM

          Tuesday, Room 106 (Mrs. Marianne Going-Carr, Mrs. Joanne Maher)

          Tuesday, Room 107 (Mrs. Catherine Horan, Mrs. Erica Reese)

          Tuesday, Room 113 (Mrs. Stacey Murphy, Mrs. Christine Zammit)

          Wednesday, Room 104 (Ms. Breanna Walsh)

          Wednesday, Room 107 (Mr. Michael Alessi)

          Wednesday, Room 113 (Mrs. Francine Angilletta, Mrs. Wendy Tafreshi)

          Home Instruction


If it is difficult for your child to receive First Reconciliation at the assigned time, you may bring him/her to the other service.  We ask that you contact the office via email or phone to let us know.  If your child is unable to receive on Saturday, March 4, kindly call or email Mrs. Pettei.