Welcome to St. Edward the Confessor Religious Education
Welcome to St. Edward the Confessor Religious Education

First Reconciliations

Saturday, March 10, 2018


11:00 AM Service

          St. Edward the Confessor School (Mrs. Maureen Carroll)

          Sunday, Room 104 (Mrs. Daniela Ranieri)

          Sunday, Room 112 (Mrs. Ann Marie Inglima, Mrs. Kirsten Zollo)


1:30 PM Service

          Tuesday, Room 106 (Ms. Grace Brady, Mr. Gregory Hrybenko)

          Tuesday, Room 107 (Mrs. Janine Comanducci, Mrs. Janine Rubendall)

          Wednesday, Room 103 (Mrs. Barbara Nuzzolese)

          Wednesday, Room 107 (Mrs. Laura Archbold, Mrs. Toni Melnyk)

          Thursday, Room 101 (Mrs. Melissa Casabianca, Mrs. Fernanda Vudrag)
          Thursday, Room 107 (Mr. Daniel Annunziato, Mr. Daniel Castles)